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Our brief history

Our brifey history

BULADDE is shortened from Buganda Land Development Cooperative Financial Services Society Limited. BULADDE started its operations in October 2016.Its main objective is to provide an opportunity for members to improve their security of tenure and/or ownership of land through voluntary savings and access to affordable credit facilities for betterment of their social, economic, and financial conditions.

Our Vision:

To be the leading provider of affordable financial services for the transformation of communities through sustainable land development.

Our Mission:

To improve the livelihood of communities through the provision of affordable, flexible and efficient financial services.

Our Core Values

  • Innovativeness – creatively providing solutions to members’ needs
  • Nobility – having noble character and treating all as nobles
  • Commitment – highly committed to serving kingdom subjects
  • Integrity – being true and honest to all
  • Transformation – ensure positive change of kingdom subjects
  • Excellence – efficient and timely service delivery

Specific Objectives

  • To increase on the number of people with security of tenure
  • To deepen financial inclusion to Kingdom subjects
  • To reduce unplanned development on Kabaka’s land.
  • Provide members with credit facilities for purposes of improving land access rights and sustainable development.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to improve their respective economic, social and financial conditions by encouraging voluntary saving.
  • To encourage and develop a savings culture among members so as to develop a wide capital base and have reasonable interest rates
  • To improve financial performance in addition to the already existing operating business of the Kingdom.

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